Thursday, August 04, 2005


Here are the pixs from Terrill Lee Lankford's launch party for his new novel BLONDE LIGHTNING, the sequel to EARTHQUAKE WEATHER. This is Lankford's fourth book. The party took place Tuesday night at Dutton's in Brentwood.

Our fearless leader, Sparticus (I kid you, Lee) and his faithful flock gather for a little feast to start the launch party.

The place was packed with friends and fellow writers and film type people.
First up is Robert Ward.

Next Jeff Weber...

Jerry Stahl (author of PERMANENT MIDNIGHT and I, FATTY) is on the left and Michael Connelly (author of, hell you should know this).....

Connelly, Christian Vogel (John Vogel's wife) and Lankford. Notice Mike has two books......

Film guy John Vogel.... John was asked to film the event and I for one would be interested in seeing how our Sparticus fairs on film......

While Lee was standing next to the dandy shot master we were discussing that after a few rounds here the probability of selling multiple copies of said book increase geometrically with each shot. This device was well stocked with Jack, Stoly, Cuervo, Jim Beam and few others and delivers 1.5 shot measure of your favorite beverage. No, Lee wasn't doing shots, at least right then.

Well the time had finally come for Lee to read a portion of his book to the crowd. Instead he told them you all know how to read so I'm not gonna read tonight. The picture would lead you to believe that he was trying to auction off the Guiness in his hand.

Well, at last we finally get down to the signing. Here Lee takes on a serious tone and signs all books for his friends. I did show up with the ARC and once again I was taken to task for reading it after being told to wait. Hell, Lee, I liked the improvements in the final version. OK????

All joking aside, Lee was a gracious and marvelous host. This was by far the best launch I have ever been to. If you haven't already go out and get a copy of this book.

The Return of John March

One of the reasons why I love my vacations is that I get to catch up on my reading and I get to go to midday book signings in the middle of an otherwise work week.

On Tuesday I was fortunate enough to catch up with Shamus Award (Best First Novel) winner Peter Spiegelman of BLACK MAPS fame. Peter was out promoting the new John March novel DEATH'S LITTLE HELPERS.

Peter recognized me immediately, even though we have never met, and said "Ken (Bruen) has told me all about you." Of which I replied, I better sit in front then, before I get in any trouble."

Publishers Weekly gave DEATH'S LITTLE HELPERS a starred review and it is quite a great read. Its nice to read PI novels where the main character rather use his brain and resort to using muscle only when needed.

Once again, here is Peter signing at Mysteries To Die For.

John Shannon

I met up with John Shannon last weekend at Mysteries To Die For.

John is on tour promoting the new Jack Liffey novel DANGEROUS GAMES. This is the 8th novel for Shannon, and in my opinion, each one gets better.

What is interesting to note is that outside of the Southern California area very few people have heard of Shannon. In addition, if you check your local Barnes and Nobels or any other major chain, no one really stocks his books. This is a major disappointment for the mystery world. Shannon has a finder on the moral pulse of Los Angeles.

To further make this point on what a stronger writer Shannon is, Booklist gave DANGEROUS GAMES a starred review!

For those of us who live here in LA, John Shannon gets LA right!

Monday, August 01, 2005

New Contest ?

Post your pic of reading a new book.

Here I will start you off....

Here is my Stuart MacBride look.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

B-Day Time...

Taking a page from Bill Crider, I turned 44 today. For a few weeks I will be the same age as my wife. Let the party begin.....

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