Thursday, August 04, 2005

John Shannon

I met up with John Shannon last weekend at Mysteries To Die For.

John is on tour promoting the new Jack Liffey novel DANGEROUS GAMES. This is the 8th novel for Shannon, and in my opinion, each one gets better.

What is interesting to note is that outside of the Southern California area very few people have heard of Shannon. In addition, if you check your local Barnes and Nobels or any other major chain, no one really stocks his books. This is a major disappointment for the mystery world. Shannon has a finder on the moral pulse of Los Angeles.

To further make this point on what a stronger writer Shannon is, Booklist gave DANGEROUS GAMES a starred review!

For those of us who live here in LA, John Shannon gets LA right!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey daddy!
its bearamiss
i just want to say i love u and miss u like crazy!
Also that i am sooo PROUD of u!
u r the coolest mystery dawg nerd i know!
your grizzely bear

12:44 PM  

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