Saturday, February 12, 2005

James Dean Twins?

First off, I have to apologize to the guys, my camera was else where for the week. This is a sorry ass excuse, but, well, the camera is at fault.

So, now without any further delay, I bring you very entertaining fellows. Reed Farrel Coleman and Robert Eversz were jointly signing at the Mystery Bookstore this past Saturday in support of their latest efforts. They took turns reading to the crowd and talked about how they write their books.

Reed amazed us all in saying that doesn't really outline his books and that he is basically done with the book when he is finished writing it. While this is not necessarily true, he starts the day rereading the the 10 pages that wrote the day before. The James Deans is the latest in the Moe Prager series and hopefully not the last. (See post below). Moe is not your usual wounded soul, ex-cop, who has something to prove. He has a good relationship with his wife, a good job and doesn't really miss that other part of his life. Why and how he gets involved in cases, well he has good luck solving them. This one has Moe at his best.

Robert's book is called Digging James Dean, which continues the series of his wonderful female lead Nina Zero. In this installment, bones of celebrities are worth quite a bit, even to murder for. Robert spends his summers in Prague teaching writing seminars to other novelists. When asked why Nina is so popular with the women Robert responded .."who wouldn't like a female character who can take care of business." If you have read any of the Nina Zero books, you know what he means.

Here I am with Reed, yeah the MysteryDawg. Let's keep Moe in business. Like many midlist authors, the Moe Prager series is in danger of not being published after this one, unless it sells real well. Reed did tell us that he would find a way to keep Moe alive, probably through a smaller house if he has too. However, I have to ask why?

Save Moe...NOW!

This is the first audioblog plug that the MysteryDawg has done. Listen to Reed Farrel Coleman tell you why it's important to Save Moe!

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This is so easy.....

even my 3 year old daughter Bridget can do it.

Now I challenge all of youse (as Charlie would say) to get your audioblog on!

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This is a Test, Only a Test!

Thanks to Bob Tinsley for directing me to this.

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