Monday, October 11, 2004

OK, Survey Time

Now that all the major awards of the year have been announced, what are you reading these days?
I'm currently reading John Harvey's Flesh and Blood and next on the pile is Richard Marinick's Boyos.

Next up..The Mystery Bookstore 4th Anniversary Party!

Now that Bouchercon is done, its more party time in Los Angeles at the Mystery Bookstore. The store is celebrating is 4th year in Westwood, the home of UCLA. The party begins at 10 AM and here are the people expected to make an appearance during the day:

Sheryl J. Anderson, Marissa Batt, Ray Bradbury, Jodi Compton, Jeff Denhart, Bill Fitzhugh, Ruth Francisco, Lee Goldberg, Gregg Hurwitz, Michael Joens, Andrew Klavan, Harley Jane Kozak, Rochelle Krich, Brian Laird, Kelly Lange, Terrill Lee Lankford, Mike Lester, Robert Levinson, Kris Neri, Kem Nunn, Ralph Pezullo, Gary Phillips, S. J. Rozan, Frank Sennett, Katherine Shephard, Steven Sidor, Jeff Stetson, Elizabeth Stromme, Robert Tanenbaum, Nathan Walpow, Robert Ward, John Morgan Wilson, David Wolstencroft, and Edward Wright.

I will be on hand to smooze and find out the real truth of what happened in Toronto!

I'm looking forward to seeing Kem Nunn. It has been 7 years since his last book and I was not able to see him on his recent tour due to my dad's illness and death. Tijuana Straits is right on the edge of a wave! Catch it!

Bouchercon Blues..

Or, what do you do when all your blog friends and writers are out of town at the party of the year. Sounds like a good title, doesn't it?

Well, I guess the answer to the question is....we wait for news from the front line. Several friends reported in during the 3 day event and their reports and pics (thanks Lee and Jim), can be found on their blogs.

Me, well, I finally found the digital cam that was boxed up when my wife decided to move the office out of our bedroom and downstairs to seldom used formal dining room. Since this room hasn't been officially furnished up to the standard specs (see Architectural Digest for hints), it was decided that it might better be served as the office with 3 networked computers, fax machine, a multitude of printers, etc.

So, later today (read: tonight when its my turn on the machine following Monday Night Football, since neither of the LA area teams are in the running for the world Series), I will finally update the WeHo (West Hollywood Book)Festival.

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