Monday, May 24, 2004

Jesse Sublett Returns !

Jesse Sublett makes his return to the world of books and back to Los Angeles with an appearance at the Mystery Bookstore in June.

I have read all the Martin Fender mysteries and I am looking forward to his new book Never the Same Again: A Rock and Roll Gothic.

Interestingly enough the man is a walking noir novel.

Ellroy - Black Dahlia Mystery Solved !?

Finally last night I had an opportunity to read the Sunday morning paper and guess what jumped off the front page of the local section....

Writing the Last Word on a Mystery? by Steve Lopez.

The last time I talked with Steve Hodel, he told me wait until you read the paperback version; it contains new information that even makes a stronger case. When I read his book last year it sounded like he had all he needed to solve the case, so now I guess I need to pick up the paperback to find out more.

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