Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Rap Sheet is now Live

After a three month wait, January Magazine's The Rap Sheet is now live. Jeff Pierce is the editor of this wonderful compilation of mystery book reviews and website news. Our good blog buddy Sarah Weinman reviews Mark Mills' elegantly constructed debut novel, Amagansett.

Gregg Hurwitz

Gregg Hurwitz has now joined the blog community. Click over to and drop Gregg a note.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

The 6 Months Review

We are now at the 6 month point and it is time to evaluate whether to continue or hang it up. Over the last few months there has been little feedback from all of you as to the content. So the question to you is in the immortal words of the Clash (Ray, I think you would appreciate this), "Should I stay or should I go?"

Monday, September 20, 2004

Santa Barbara Book Fest in Pictures

What a great day to be in Santa Barbara, just a quick 30 minute drive north of where I live. The sun was shining, the authors were speaking and I just hung out and had a great time. Here are a few pics. I'll add some comments later...

Beautiful De La Guerra Plaza

Looking west and toward the booths...

looking to the east.....

Allan Folsom displaying his new book, The Exile. Don't make us wait another 7 years.

Jan Burke and Jerilyn Farmer enjoying the afternoon.

The magnificent Dennis Lynds aka Michael Collins. He talked me into buying his Dan Fortune short story book. I know that I will love it!

Barbara Seranella and Gayle Lynds catch up on what's new....

John Shannon and the beautiful Harley Jane Kozak. John has a new Jack Liffey out in the spring. Harley's first novel was excellent and she will be following it up with her new on in January. Who knew dead men could be so interesting???

Eddie Muller listens to Barbara Seranella while Denise Hamilton watches David Corbett take a personal call. Dave, who is it????

Denise, David, Allan and Mystery Bookstore owner Sheldon McArthur. Yes Jim, I asked again.

Capra Press owner Bob Bason along with good friend and writer Richard Barre. Both long time Santa Barbarans they also were pulling double duty as Festival organizers.

The Usual and Unusual Suspects Panel. Barbara Seranella was the moderator. The panel from left to right... April Smith (North of Montana fame), T. Jefferson Parker, John Shannon and Denise Hamilton.

Jeff Parker taking some time to sign copies of his book. Look for California Girl to come out in the next 2 weeks.

Sue Grafton was the Recipient of the Ross MacDonald Award.

RUDOLPHO ANAYA: Recipient of Leal Award. If you haven't read Bless Me Ultima or Tortuga, you are missing a real treat.

I finally got to meet Edward Hume and to talk to him about his experience as a teacher as written in School of Dreams. He was also on the panel titled My California.

Thomas Steinbeck, the grandson of John Steinbeck, who is also an author. His first book is "Down to the Soundless Sea"

The My California panel: Steinbeck, Patt Morrison, Hume and Chryss Yost who moderated the panel.

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