Saturday, August 07, 2004

Now, Returning to Your Normal Programming

Hi All,

Well I'm back from a much needed and restful family vacation in San Diego. With the exception of the overpriced amusement, oops I'm sorry, theme parks, and hotels stuffed with noisy kids (mine included) and other tourists, it was a blast. No diet, no work, just fun, fun, fun.

I did read three books over the stay...Two-Way Split (excellent), Texas Wind (yes, its that good), Hard Rain (Eisler gets better and better with each book). Today is loaded with unpacking the car, helping the wife with the laundry, and getting ready for the real world on Monday.

Today also starts with a few visits to see Robert Ferrigno and Lee Goldberg. Pictures and comments later today.

UPDATE: Dad is in the ICU and I will be spending the day there with him. It doesn't sound good, so I will get back to this when I can.

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