Sunday, April 24, 2005

Part 2

Continuing coverage....

Here is Patricia Smiley. I had a great time talking to her about her book.

Here is Naomi Hirahara. The key question.. What are you doing with Mas? Her new book is the Gasa Gasa Girl. High recommended.

Seat with Naomi is the talented Jerrilyn Farmer. Luau of Death is novel #7!

From left to right...Mark Haskel Smith, Tom Nolan and Edward Wright. Tom and I had a great conversation about two of his on Margaret Milnar and the other on Ross McDonald. Yes, Milnar and McDonald were married and great mystery writers. I recommend both of his books.

Here is David Wolstencroft (GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS) and Allan Folsom (THE EXILE) along with Mark Haskell Smith (DELICIOUS)

The prolific Stuart Woods. His new book is TWO-DOLLAR BILL.


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