Sunday, April 24, 2005

LAFOB.. Part 3

My next stop was Dodd Hall to hear the panel called Not the Usual Suspects which was being moderated by Tod Goldberg. The place was packed and...

Here is Tod try to look cool and find his notes (or was it his cell phone) and not get too geeked out by having to sit next to LA Times Mystery Prize winner Kem Nunn.

Rounding out the panel was T. Jefferson Parker (CALIFORNIA GIRL), Roger Simon (DIRECTOR'S CUT) and Markos McPeek Villatoro (MINOS). I was allowed to ask the final question of the panel. This resulted in a verbal slap on the hand as to who was moderating the panel. Gee Tod, it was only a question!

After the panel it was my turn to talk to Mr. Nunn. Finally after missing him three times this year in trying to get my books signed, I got to meet the man. My only hope is that he doesn't take another 5 years to write his next book. Did you know that Pomona Queen was nominated for a Bram Stoker award? I though the book was sort of a mytery novel.

Later in the day I ran to one of my favorite women mystery writers Libby Hellmann. Libby was nice enough to give me a couple of chapters from her new book. Thanks. What a tease, now I have to wonder what happens next.

I then ran into Bill Fitzhugh. We talked about his new book (HIGHWAY 61 RESURFACED), my 5000+ record collection, how he would be glad to take it off my hands and store it for me at his house and how I could have unlimited visiting privileges. He also told me about his new show on XM radio.

Robert Levinson (ASK A DEAD MAN) is totally blown away by.... hell I don't know. That's John Morgan Wilson (MOTH AND FLAME ) sitting calmly. I guess he must be use to Bob.


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