Monday, March 14, 2005

The Lee and Maddie Goldberg Tour or...

should I say the Maddie and Lee Goldberg show?

Lee Goldberg is out on tour in support of his latest (installment novelization #4) of his hughly successful DAIGNOSIS MURDER series THE WAKING NIGHTMARE. This book was written during the time that Lee had that unfortanate fall breaking both of his elbows. The book was written using voice software and amazingly turned in on time! Lee also told us that he has completed book #5 THE PAST TENSE which will be out later this year and is working on #6 and #7 of which #6 is due in November. How does he do it? Writing for TV shows, producing, books (yes there is new novel,not a Diagnosis Murder book), blogging, answering fan fic and attending conferences and book signings.

Lee, do you sleep?

Well the real story of the day was that his daughter Maddie was touring with Lee in support of her 3rd novel which was self published. OK Lee, what is all this business about POD and self publishing? Maddie was kind enough to read from Frankenstein & Ally and other Scary Stories.

Well all told, the success of the signing is told in the profits. Maddie sold about 15 copies of her book ($1, all profit I would assume). Lee sold quite a few books too, but I'm not sure that his prfit margin was as great.


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