Sunday, April 24, 2005

LAFOB.. Part 5

Yeah, yeah, yeah.....I still have more.....

At the bottom of the Janss stairs, one of the best small independent mystery publishers...UglyTown

And as you might expect, here are the two geniuses who run UglyTown.. UglyTom (Tom Fassbender) and UglyJim (Jim Pascoe). Jim and I traded barbs regarding his website...Just so you know Jim, I love it!

I trudged back up the stairs for one of my favorites Jim Fusilli (HARD, HARD CITY). We had a chance to catch up and talk bout his new book about the Beach Boys called PET SOUNDS. Jim was amazed at how many people at the festival had this particular book where as in New York only 0.5 people bought the book. Jim, ah could it be, that it's because the Beach Boys are from this area?

Contrary to the rumor, Gregg Hurwitz, big-time san Francisco Giant fan, did not break his arm at Opening Day at Dodger Stadium. The truth is soccer did him in. Gregg, talk to Lee Goldberg on the art of editting while in a cast. Gregg has a new book out in the fall called THE TROUBLE SHOOTER.

While Tod proclaimed that he would be hanging out here, I did. This is the lovely Gaida de Laurentiis of the popular Food Network show EVERYDAY Italian. She is more beautiful in person. Tina was not with me, so I snuck over, bought a book and got this great pic.

Driver/Escort to the writers here in Los Angeles Ken Wilson is getting directions from Jeff Parker.


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