Sunday, April 24, 2005

LAFOB..Part 4

Ok, yes there is more.....

Seated on the right at the Los Angeles Chapter of MWA is Mike Lester. Mike wrote a great book called An Occassional Dream for UglyTown. On Saturday, he handed in the new book to the Ugly Gents for publication early next year. I'm looking forward to this one....

Over at the Book Soup tent I ran into Steve Almond )THE EVIL B.B. CHOW). I loved Candy Freak and bought a signed copy for the collection. Sarah, Steve says HI!
Toni Bentley is to the left.

To Steve's left is Rob Roberge (MORE THAN THEY COULD CHEW). I loved this book and have reread sections of it because it is that good. Rob was impressed too.

Back to Mysterous Galaxy and P. J. Tracy. Yes, the mother/daughter writing team. I can never remember which one is which, so you tell me.

This is the banner sign for the festival, in case you were wondering....

...and a look from the top of the Janss stairs down to the booths below....


Anonymous rob roberge said...

Hey Aldo-

Rob Roberge here--good seeing you...and tell Sarah I said hi, too...don't want Steve looking like the only nice guy in the booth :)


5:18 PM  

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