Sunday, April 24, 2005

Festival of Books - The Ending

Yes, this is it. I promise.

I kept running into Gary Phillips all day long. Finally, I found him behind a table at Mysterious Galaxy. Here is Gary's latest book, THE COCAINE CHRONICLES. Gary, Kasey and I got into a long discussion on the lost art of setting type, burning plates, proofing pages by hand and the new technology of publishing .pdf files.

I waited all day to catch up with good friend Scott Phillips. Book 4 is done, and we are now eagerly awaiting the movie of the ICE HARVEST which will be out around November. I was supposed to go to dinner tonight (Sunday) with Scott, Vic Gischler, and Scott Montgomery, but had to beg out at the last minute. Guys email or call me to tell me what I missed. Scott, the next one is on me. Deal?

Over the winter holidays, Scott wrote me and told me I needed to check out this great manuscript that he had read by a new author Theresa Schwegel (seated) called OFFICER DOWN. Theresa told me the ARC is in the mail!

and finally....
It was with extreme excitement that I had the opportunity to share a few minutes with Alexander McCall Smith. (psst, Sarah, he says hi!)


Blogger AnswerGirl said...

Aldo, that was HEROIC. Great job. Thanks for sharing!

10:44 AM  

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