Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Too Busy or Too Lazy To Blog? That is the ...

Question! Today on Sarah's site she links to an interesting article about us bloggers.

In my case, its just work overload. Its that time of the year for taxes, quarterly reports at work, and a few fun projects that have diverted my attention from this here blog. Fear not, I will return with a vengence in the next two weeks as I prepare for the annual trek to UCLA and the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. As always The Mystery Bookstore will hold its annual Pre-LAFOB Party on Friday night and it should be fantastic as always.

Dr. Gischler has promised to allow me to ply him with beer, ABBA and maybe a few dance lessons as well as the special request for this blog (more details to come!)

In the meantime, I promise to post my pics from James Swian and George Pelecanos shortly.


Blogger AnswerGirl said...

photos, dammit! Where are the photos from the FOB?

Sorry, some of us are just getting a little too lonely up here in the pine woods...

8:55 AM  

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