Sunday, March 06, 2005

Peter Robinson - Inspector Banks Returns

It was with great pleasure that I was able to run into Peter Robinson today at MysteriesTo Die For. Yes, that is a Disneyworld shirt!

Peter is touring in support of the 15th Inspector Banks book STRANGE AFFAIRS. The book is a follow up to last year's smash PLAYING WITH FIRE.

I asked him about a CD with music Banks would listen to. He thought it was a great idea and it would be great if his publisher would do this for him. As always, who owne the rights to the music and cost involved may make this type of project cost prohibited. Too bad.

Robinson is working on the next book which is tentatively titled A PIECE OF MY HEART (Janis Joplin song) and takes place in the late 60's. He now on a new contract that may allow him a few additinal months to write the book. Good for Peter and we have to wait longer to read the next installment.

How many of you have read the Banks series? How would you compare him to Rebus?


Anonymous kat said...

I've read all of his books and am glad another will be on the way. I just finished his latest...I thought it was the best one yet..great plot twist at the end!

1:38 PM  

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