Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Rob Roberge - A Night of Words and Music

Last night I was able to catch up with Rob Roberge at the Borders in Westwood. Rob was out promoting his latest book More Than They Could Chew. Rob selected an interesting part of the book for the reading involving a dog, "an art film," and fetal pigs. You are just going to have to get the book and read it for yourself.

After the signing Rob got up on stage with his band The Hacks.

The Hacks consist of Rob on guitar and vocals, Jordan Matt on Lead guitar and vocals, Gayle Fornaturo on bass and sitting in for Ron Sloan was Kevin Barrett on Drums. Kevin plays drums for The Urinals, a seminal LA Punk band. Listen here for a brief 15 second recording from last night.

Also in attendance was my good buddy Tod Goldberg. Tod just told me about his adventure and visit to the writing class that was discussing Liar, Fake Cheat. A quiz? See this post for answers.....
In fact the crowd of 40+ people consisted mainly of writers and students from UCLA.


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