Friday, October 20, 2006

The Black Hole of Noir

Listen up folks, here is a book that you all need to pickup on November 1st. I have been waiting for this book to hit and was lucky to be sent an ARC over the summer. Hansen writes material that is damn dark and right on that it is scary. This is avoice that needs to be heard and Speedy demands a wide audience to tell his story. Once you start this book, it is hard to put down and harder to purge your mind of its powerful story.

STREET RAISED is on my favorite reads of the year. For those of you who used to read PLOTS WITH GUNS, Pearce was a regular and made it to the PLOTS WITH ANTHOLOGY that was edited by Anthony Neil Smith.

Here is an example of his work.

But you ask, who is Pearce Hansen? Here is his bio:Pearce Hansen was born in SF and came up on the streets of the East Bay. Homeless at several points in his life, his only real education was self-inflicted through omnivorous reading: he counts Thucydides & Spillane, Dostoevski & H.P. Lovecraft, Dickens & Nietzsche among his dearest friends. Pearce spent decades in “the Life,” misspending his youth careening from one terror-in-retrospect abortive learning experience to the next. Cab driver, bouncer, kick boxer, Marine: all the stereotypical noir writer's breeding grounds apply here. He’s had some pretty insane adventures along the way, starring a diverse cast of characters in some extremely surreal milieus. He’s not nearly as dysfunctional as his writing and life history might seem to imply. His family and friends are the linchpins that saved his soul, they tolerate his foibles and idiosyncrasies: his inability to relax, his hatred of cameras and mirrors, his insomnias and nightmares. He’s been writing for ten years, drawing on the experiences of a youth spent as disposable gutter trash. He writes because he’s good at it: he’s been published many, many times, and has made enough money to move his wife into a nice house, and put his son through college. His first novel, STREET RAISED, will be published by Point Blank Press shortly; his sophomore novel, STAGGER BAY, is looking for a home; and he is presently editing his completed third novel, THE STORM GIANTS.


Blogger Writeprocrastinator said...

"The Day He Raised" was a good read and Pearce Hansen has a customer in me for "Street Raised."

8:01 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

I have the book now, Aldo, and I plan to read it next week. I'll review it on my blog fairly soon, I hope.

12:44 PM  

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