Monday, October 16, 2006

Mr. Connelly - The ECHO PARK signing

Yesterday, at the fabulous Mysteries To Die For, I attended the Michael Connelly signing. I know that Duane has said that he claims Mike as his hometown boy, but Mike explained that he has lived in Los Angeles longer than any other location. So, welcome home Mr. Connelly.

As you can imagine it was standing room only, approximately 200 people showed up for the signing and Mike was gracious as alway.

Well, Blogger is having a hard time loading images at the moment....I'll Be Back!

UPDATE: Blogger seems to be cured!
Connelly signing THE OUTLOOK, a serial novel that the New Your Times is running for 16 weeks. Connelly said that this may turn into a novel next year.

And finally Mr. Connelly and Mr. Calcagno (Mystery Dawg)


Blogger Harry said...

couple of handsome gents indeed

11:57 AM  

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