Saturday, July 30, 2005

Terrill Lankford Responds to the MeMe Challenge

Fellow So Cal dude and writer of Hollywood Movieland Noir (yeah, I just made that up) Terrill Lankford has responded to my MeMe Challenge....

But before we get to that, go out and buy his new book BLONDE LIGHTNING. I mean NOW! I will be at his launch party on Tuesday night at Dutton's in Brentwood and have the pics from the signing. I thought EARTHQUAKE WEATHER was really good, this one is much better (meaning excellent!)

So, now that We have an understanding, here is Lee's reply....

(1) Imagine it's 2015. You are visiting the library at a major research university. You go over to a computer terminal (or whatever it is they use in 2015) that gives you immediate access to any book or journal article on any topic you want. What do you look up? In other words, what do you hope somebody will have written in the meantime?

The explanation of what a "Meme" is. You lost me at "Who."

I would also like to read the articicle about the fantastic ray that my sons invented in 2006 that gave eternal life to our friends and loved ones.

And vaporized our enemies.

(2) What is the strangest thing you've ever heard or seen at a conference? No names, please. Refer to Professor X or Ms. Y if you must. Double credit if you were directly affected. Triple if you then said or did something equally weird.

I'll go for the triple. I've only attended one conference (officially). It was Left Coast Crime in San Diego about eight years ago. I was on a panel about writing erotic books, due to the quasi-pornographic nature of my book, SHOOTERS. A very successful lady writer (who was also openly lesbian) was sitting next to me on the panel. Someone had provided a box of white chocolates for the table. During one of the lulls in the conversation said lady writer decided to fellate one of the white chocolates. We were all shocked and amused. And she did a VERY professional job of it. The crowd roared with laughter. Then she popped the chocolate - or what was left of it - into MY mouth. I was startled, but had no choice but to eat it.

I didn't even think she LIKED guys.

(3) Name a writer, scholar, or otherwise worthy person you admire so much that meeting him or her would probably reduce you to awestruck silence.

Bob Dylan.

I was actually in the same room with Warren Zevon about ten months before he died, but could not muster up the courage to talk to him. (He was also constantly surrounded by others.) What was I going to say? "Love your stuff, man"? (I regret it now, of course.) Not too many people intimidate me, but I would feel like an idiot trying to talk to Dylan or Zevon. I am in awe of their words and music. And if I had to speak to them, I'm sure I'd act the fool.

(4) What are two or three blogs or other Web sites you often read that don't seem to be on many people's radar?

Mystery Dawg, Mystery Dawg, Mystery Dawg...

Oh, and Lee Goldberg runs a nice, quiet little blog that no one ever visits and where nothing unusual ever happens...TL


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