Friday, November 12, 2004

Introducing the Kent Harrington Yahoo Group

I am now the proud moderator of the all new Kent Harrington user group. If you would like to subscribe to this group, please click HERE. It is my hope that we can get Kent to join us to discuss his work and celebrate in one of the best all around genre writers there is. Kent has written noir (Dia De Los Muertos and Dark Ride), thrillers (The American Boys), Hitchcock like (The Tattooed Muse) and even has written comedy, a play that maybe he will talk about with us.

His brand new book RED JUNGLE should be out before the end of the end from Dennis McMillan Publishing. As I suggested earlier this year, contact Dennis, the limited editions of this book are almost sold out and Dennis hasn't even put an annoucement out yet!

I hope to see you on the list. If you have problems getting to the list, email me at


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