Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Erin Hart - Irish Bog Mysteries

On my way back from San Diego I was able to catch up with Erin Hart at the Mystery Bookstore. This was the last stop on her tour to promote her 2nd book Lake of Sorrows. Lake of Sorrows continues the story of pathologist Nora Gavin and archeologist Cormac McGuire, who were introduced to us in her first novel, Haunted Ground. Once again the the two team up to investigate a series of bodies buried in the bogs. Book three is almost done and continues with Nora and her adventures in archeology, Irish music and culture.

What I like best about Hart's books is that I can relive my Irish roots and remembers the summers I spent on my uncle's farm that was close to the bogs. His farm didn't have electricity, heating or modern plumbing and I can remember the few times that we ventured out onto the bogs to cut peat to heat the house and cook with. The rich traditions of Irish music and culture are dominant in the writing of the book.

This is Erin's young's fan, a wee bonny lass!


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