Thursday, November 11, 2004

Domenic Stansberry - Here in LA this Saturday!

This Saturday I'm looking forward to meeting Domenic Stansberry at Mysteries To Die For and the Mystery Bookstore. I don't know which location I will meet him at at this moment, but I will definitely meet up with him.

Stansberry has 2 books out this month. The first one is The Confession which is published by the outstanding new bad boys on the block of pulp publishing, Hard Case Crime. I quick devoured the book in one sitting and it made me wonder why this Hammett and Edgar finalist is just not better known.

Last night I finished the ARC of this new book Chasing The Dragon, published by St. Martin and is the start of a new series starring Dante Mancuso, a former San Francisco cop now working for a shadowy security company known as The Company. Dark, scenic and absorbing, this novel plays your emotions and makes the North Beach area of SF come alive. Being a first generation Italian-American (with the other half being Irish), Stansberry nails the area down and continues to produce some of the finest noir around. I was introduced to Stansberry when on DetecToday we were asked to read and comment on The Last Days of Il Duce.


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