Monday, July 26, 2004

Lono Waiwaiole - Wiley Returns!

As mentioned in a previous post I had the pleasure of spending an hour with one of the more exciting new talents on the mystery scene today, Lono Waiwaiole. He was in Glendale yesterday at Mystery and Imagination signing his second novel Wiley's Shuffle.

This tour started off in Portland on June 24th and worked its way as far east as Illinois and then back west via the south. By the end of next week Lono should be back home in Hawaii for a little rest. He is currently working on book number 3 tentatively titled Wiley's Refrain. He promises the usual cast of characters are back in book 3.

We discussed his academic life of a teacher and he has informed me that he has resigned his position teaching English to concentrate full time on his writing. In fact he has completed more writing while on tour than he did during the last school year.


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