Monday, July 26, 2004

Earthquake Weather - The Book

Saturday morning  I woke up to a small 4.3 tumbler a few miles north of my house at 5:55 AM. I went down the hall to check on the kids who managed to sleep through the morning disturbance. On my way back down the hall I glanced at my wall of books and was grateful that none of them bounced off the shelves. I did think about one book in particular, Lee Lankford's Earthquake Weather. Then Sunday morning I was up early, as I usually am, and went outside to collect the Sunday papers and found the Los Angeles Times Book Review. On page 2 was Tom Nolan's excellent review of Lee's book. Nolan nailed the book right on the head. I would link his review here, except you have to be a paying subscriber to the LA Times to get behind their firewall.

Later in the day I went to Glendale to see Lono Waiwaiole at Mystery and Imagination, and what did I see front and center in the store - Earthquake Weather!

If you haven't read Earthquake Weather yet, you need to read this wonderful story with an insiders view of Hollywood and the movie business from someone who has been there.


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