Sunday, July 04, 2004

Interesting Pixs

Last week our computer crashed, the victim of virus attacks and other nasty things. Now we have reformateed the hard drive, new virus software and my wife and kids getting use to a personal firewall, I'm back in business.

While reloading software and file back on to the hard drive I came across the missing picture I took during the Reagan funreal procession. From our house you can see the back of the Reagan library as it looks out over the valley.

This one pix has been around on other website and screensavers here in town. The two gruesome ones on the left are my boys.

Here are a few more of the actual processional about 1/4 mile from the Reagan Library. The processional was traveling about 45 mph.

To be politically balanced, I went to the Clinton signings last Satruday at Eso Won books in Baldwin Hills, a town west of LA. I waited in line for 4 hours to meet Mr. Clinton and get a book signed. I was able to take my three sons with me,however, the Secret Service would not allow any cameras in the store. In fact they had us remove all objects, including pens, paper, etc from our pockets and proceeded to wand us down with a metal detector. We got about 45 seconds to speak to him and the boys enjoyed it.


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