Monday, July 12, 2004

Bradbury's Cat Pajamas

On Saturday I had another opportunity to meet our great American Man of Letters (that's my opinion) Ray Bradbury. Ray was signing his new book, Cat's Pajamas, at Mystery and Imagination Bookstore in Glendale. This book contains 20 stories, 18 of which have never been published before ranging from the early 1940's to 2003. I think one of the great things about Bradbury is that many people think of him as only being a science fiction writer, where it may be more true to say that he is a writer who uses all elements of fiction and imagination to make a story work. Many of the stories here deal with a wide range of interests and issues, including race issues.

As always a big crowd was on hand to meet Mr. Bradbury. As always, a fine glass of merlot was present and Ray took time to say hi to each person in line.

Here are a few pics....


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