Saturday, January 08, 2005

Bloodlines - Hello Irene

HI, just back from the Jan Burke signing at Mysteries To Die For. This was Jan's second stop on her tour for her new book BLOODLINES.

This, like many series books that came out in the last 2 years, predates the first book in the series, GOODNIGHT, IRENE. Once again we are excited to have another Burke novel, especially one containing Irene. In this book we get to know about O'Connor, who was killed off in the opening chapter of the series. Burle discussed the research involved in putting this together as it takes place in 1958 and flashes back to the 30's and forward to 2000.

Burke also talked about Crime Lab Project. Form the website:
The Crime Lab Project is a group of crime writers and their friends and readers who are concerned about the gap between the public's beliefs about current state of forensic science and the reality faced by the many underfunded, understaffed labs and coroners' offices throughout the country. We see the lack of support given to labs as a matter that has a growing negative impact on law enforcement, justice, and national security.

Jan also talked about the short stories that will be published during 2005 such as "LOST AND FOUND" which will be in Creature Cozies.


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