Sunday, January 02, 2005

Mystery Bookstore Makes RED JUNGLE Crime Club Selection for January

Hot off the press from the Mystery Bookstore :

SATURDAY, JANUARY 15 at 1:00 p.m.
KENT HARRINGTON signs RED JUNGLE Dennis McMillan, $30.00 CRIME CLUB SELECTION and SHELLY'S FAVORITE: Russell Cruz-Price, the son of an American businessman and a Guatemalan coffee heiress, returns to Guatemala in the midst of a hotly contested Presidential campaign. He finds himself pulled into one candidate's campaign as he falls in love with another candidate's wife, and as he succumbs to an obsessive search for a legendary jade statue known as the Red Jaguar. The author describes it as "The Quiet American meets Treasure of the Sierra Madre," and the book deserves comparison with both classics. Full disclosure: Clair edited his book while Kent was writing it, proofed the final galleys, and has done a fair amount of promotional work for it. Objectively, though, this is far and away Harrington's best work, and made a few "Best of 2004" lists before it was even published. The first printing is only 1,000 copies, so don't miss the opportunity to buy this book now. This title is not yet available. Please contact The Mystery Bookstore directly to reserve a copy. You may email or telephone us on our toll-free number, (800) 821-9017.


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