Sunday, October 17, 2004

Mystery Bookstore 4 Anniversary Pic Retrospective

I arrived at the Mystery Bookstore at the start of the party and here is who I ran into:

Ruth Francisco, who's new book is Good Morning Darkness

Then Lee Goldberg. Lee and I had a nice discussion about Fan Fic.

Then I ran into Kris Neri. Andrew Klavan is to left and Ruth Francisco to the right.

Next up, Mr. Ray Bradbury. Ray has sick of late and it is a rare treat to see the MASTER! Here is a picture of Ray and his daughter.

Here Ray is signing the original movie poster for Moby Dick.

Next up, the much underrated and awfully talented Andrew Klavan. No two books are the same and each one is better than the last. Pick this book up!!!

Then their is Thomas Perry. Tom is always the gentleman and all of his books are a treat. Butcher's Boy is still one of my alltime favorites.

Gary Phillips eneters the room and all heads turn...Plenty of laughs. Here he is with Jeff Weber on the left.

Here is Gregg Hurwitz signing his new book The Program along with Robert Tanenbaum. Tanenbaum's new book is titled The Hoax.

Here is a pic of Tanenbaum signing The Hoax.

Here is the young and talented Christopher Rice. Great guy, but so damn young, or maybe its that I'm just getting older. I thought that A DENSITY OF SOULS was good but THE SNOW GARDEN is better!

Fresh from Bouchercon and presently on tour supporting his first book is Steve Sidor. Lots of great blurbs and I had to pick it up, the book that is.

Here is Harley Jane Kozak. Finally got her to sign my copy of DATING DEAD MEN. Her next book is out after the first called DATING IS MURDER.

I finally caught up with Bill Fitzhugh to talk about his latest book RADIO ACTIVITY. We must have spent about an hour talking about how great vinyl records sound and lamented the decline of AOR radio. We both long for the good ole days of music instead of the commerical stuff. My wife Tina has decided that I need to send Bill my 6000+ collection of albums to him for safe keeping. Bill agrees. Not a chance, bud.

Here is Jodi Compton. Her first book THE 37th HOUR was great, but as we discussed probably not marketed in the right way. She had an ARC of her next book called SYMPATHY BETWEEN HUMANS.

From left ot right...Nathan Walpow, Jim Warren, and Mrs. Bob Levinson. Everytime I tried to get a pic of Bob he was on the move. Bob has a new book coming out soon. Jim Warren is probably an unknown to most. Jim has written quite few short stories, Treviscoe of Lloyd's historical mystery series, for Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen mystery magazines.

Here is the person I was looking forward to meeting all month, SJ Rozan. She recognized me as one of Sarah's Cabana Boys. Gerald, she talked all about meeting you in New York. I guess we Cabana Boys are famous (for what, who knows?).

One of these days all of us Cabana Boys will get together for a few cold ones and pose for a pic. Ladies, don't get too excited, its not gonna be that kind of pic, right guys?

Last, but way not least, Ed Wright. If you haven't read CLEA'S MOON or his latest WHILE I DISAPPER : A JOHN RAY HORN NOVEL


Blogger Jim Winter said...

Trust me. No one wants to see me in a photo like THAT.

6:01 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

Thanks for the photos, Aldo. Ray Bradbury's daughter looks like the cover illustration for THE ILLUSTRATED (WO)MAN. I'm a big Andrew Klavan fan, have been since the Keith Peterson days.

6:31 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Aldo, curious about your conversation with Jodi Compton--how did she feel she was improperly marketed?

7:27 AM  
Blogger David J. Montgomery said...

Anyone else have a hard time concentrating on the authors in the foreground with all those beautiful books back there?

Just finished Harley's new one, by the way, and it's another winner.

7:40 AM  

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