Monday, September 06, 2004

John Shannon - a New Jack Liffey Book (#8)

It is always good to hear that Jack Liffey is alive and well and here is book #8 to prove it.

In his September newsletter, John Shannon

lets us know the following:

CARROLL & GRAF RENEWS for Liffey No. 8: Dangerous Games

It's been a while, so I thought I'd catch you all up. C&G has renewed my options for one more Jack Liffey, and then a stand-alone novel. So look for the next Liffey in the spring of 2005--Dangerous Games. And hopefully a paperback edition of the earlier books (fingers crossed.)

Teaser: Jack is just settling down in East L.A. with his new girlfriend, Gloria Martinez, a police sergeant of Paiute-Latino heritage, when Maeve is badly shot in a drive-by. For the rest of the book Maeve struggles gamely with the slow recovery from her wounds.

Gloria soon talks Jack into looking into the disappearance of her niece from a tiny reservation in the Owens Valley. At the reservation, they learn that Luisa Wilson, a headstrong Paiute girl has been molested by an uncle and has left town, threatening to make her living in the porn industry in L.A., following in the footsteps of a famous Native American blue actress named Little Deer.

The rest of the book deals with the wide-eyed diary entries by the girl, the return of the Jamaican Trevor "Terror" Pennycooke, and "Dangerous Games"-- a couple of film students making a fortune marketing videos of the homeless and the desperate engaged in wildly dangerous stunts--a la Jackass or Bumfight. It all comes together in the Malibu Hills, in a vast firestorm sweeping Jack and everyone else ahead of it down the Malibu hills toward the ocean.


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