Monday, August 23, 2004

Diagnosis : Successful

Two weeks ago I attended the Lee Goldberg signing for the next installment of the successful Diagnosis Murder series. Lee looked in fine form

and talked about his new book, his new deal (4 books in one year) which includes an insane deadlines (next book due in November) and what has been happening in La La Land.

Lee went on to talk about how he fell and broke both elbows. Even under the these conditions he still met his deadline on this book. The right elbow bears the scar and a titanium implant and many, many hours of torture of the physical therapy variety to regain proper usage. All I can say is think twice when you child demands Happy Meal!

We also learned that Lee is a big hit with the retirement sector and Germany. Apparently the store, Mysteries To Die For, receives calls asking for signed copies of Lee's books all the way from Germany. Lee also told us that on his last tour, a bus load of senior citizens bussed in to the Bay Area to see him. So on this tour, he is going to visit the retirement community. I believe the name is Rossmore ?? (Lee?).


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