Monday, August 23, 2004

Wake Up!, Yeah, Wake Up!.. It's Robert Ferrigno!

My last post for today is about finally catching up with Robert Ferrigno at Mysteries To Die For. I had missed Robert earlier in the week in Orange County while I was on vacation, but had been following his thoughts while he was guest blogging for Sarah Weinman.

Robert read from his new novel, The Wake Up, and discussed how he came about writing it.

Robert also talked about his career as a journalist, interviewing Elmore Leonard and asking him to look at his book when Robert was starting out, the process of film options and the chances of making it to the big screen.

While in the question and answer mode, I prompted Robert about his experience with blogging. He went on to tell us about what happened earlier in the week in San Mateo and a certain taxi ride. According to Robert, this is the type of experience that leads to good characters for books.

At the end of the signing, it took two authors (Lee Goldberg and Terrill Lankford) and myself, to give Robert directions to the his next signing for the day. Yes, Robert did get there and on time; he called us to let us know!


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Hmm, none of these are Jenna Jamison.

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