Monday, November 21, 2005

THE WHEELMAN...the day continues!

Our next stop was South Pasadena to catch up with Jan Long and to visit Bookem'. Jan is a diehard Philly's fan and made the mistake of asking her if she liked the Eagles too (I really meant the rock, but she was thinking football). We all went to lunch at a great sandwich shop down the street before Duane I piled back into the notorous minivan and headed northwest to Thousand Oaks for his next signing.

Along the way I pointed out the fire damage to Duane and showed him where fire jumped over the 118 freeway. He was shocked and amazed.

We arrrived at Mysteries To Die For and it was rock and roll time. As you can see the effects of jetlag and Friday night Los Angeles are having their toll on our man. Yes, that is water.

Lee Lankford rounded up a few of his buddies to make Duane feel right at home. In da house was Robert Ward of Red Baker fame, Kevin Burton Smith of Thrilling Detective fame, Alan Ormsby Writer of Cat People, My Bodyguard and the Substitute series. I can tell you here and now, they all went easy on him.

Duane was right in his element and started off my a fine reading....

Here is Robert Ward.....

Robert Ward and Kevin Burton Smith. Bob and Kevin were discussing the famous female Canadian bank robber. These two guys were funny as hell. Later at the pub across the street you can only imagine what the conversation was like. My hats off to Kevin who drove all the way from Palmdale to come to this signing. Hey Kev, when is the next edition of Thrilling Detective gonna be up?


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