Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Paris Hilton ...The Signing Update

Well, We made it down to the signing at Book Soup in Hollywood. The usually assortment of fans were there in their most excited state. There were rules for this signing and NO PHOTOS allowed. So there are none.

The most exciting part of this signing was the protest crowd standing on the other side of Sunset in front of Tower Records. They made signs and were chanting.. "What has Paris done for you today" or "Paris read a book instead of writing one". The best was the taut to the people in line to "make sure that you get her video signed."

E Channel had a reporter outside the store interviewing people as they exited the signing. Questions ranged from "Did she sign your book in crayon?" to "Is this the stupidest thing you have ever done?" You will need to watch E to be amazed by the responses. I was.

Never the less, Once inside the store, Paris was friendly and my two kids were thrilled to get a signed second printing of her book. The things we parents do for our kids.

The highlight of the evening for me???? Well on the way there I was listening to perenial hard rock station KLOS and I won the new Sammy Hagar CD The Essential Red Collection and I'm in the final for an all expense paid weekend in Cabo with Sammy Hagar in October. How cool is that???


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