Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Noir Original eZine is now LIVE!!!!!!

Al Guthrie's wonderful eZine NOIR ORIGINALS is now up after a long awaited delay. I guess Al has been busy writing or something over the last year. He does have anew book coming out soon called HARD MAN, but you think he would send me a taste?????

That's not important, I mean the begging for a preview. You know when HARD MAN hits the street you will be buying it and sneaking off to the dark corner of your own little world and reading his excellent prose....

In the mean time hop over to NOIR ORIGINALS and read Noir Zine #7 featureing interviews with Charles Ardai (mastermind of Hard Case Crime), Duane Swierczynski (The Pole with Sole), Charlie Williams (The Mangel King) and returning for a repeat appearance Jason Starr (New York's top Noirist). When your finished with that, scroll down the page and check out the NEW WRITERS #7 - featuring Gary Carson, Joseph Faria, Raymond Embrack (LA cool dude), Harry Shannon (Horror, Thriller writer and all around nice guy) and Pearce Hanson (Buy STREET RAISED - One my favorite novels of the year!).


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