Sunday, May 09, 2004

Connelly's Los Angeles

Good Morning and Happy Mother's Day to all those wonderful mothers who brought each and everyone of us into the world. Sit back, relax and enjoy your day.

Now onto the events of yesterday. Michael Connelly was in the Southern California area yesterday promoting The Narrows. Along with Mike was his good friend Terrill Lee Lankford who is also promoting his third book Earthquake Weather. I caught up with them last night at the Borders in Northridge, their last stop of the day.

Connelly commented that this tour would take him to 14 cities in 12 days and was enjoying the tour. Asked why now he had written a sequal to The Poet, he said things have changed.. fatherhood, 911, and so forth and maybe bad guys shouldn't just get away. He also mentioned that he is half way through the next Harry Bosch book but the tour has interfered with the writing. It usually takes him 8 to 10 months to put togther a novel. Lankford quipped it takes him 7 to 9 years to the same with about 50 rewrites. Lankford isn't kiding either but this is not because it takes him this long but that he also write plenty of screen plays, directs or is busy producing films here in Los Angeles. Lankford's novel tells about life in the film business an is an amalgam of people he has come across during his tenture. The title Earthquake Weather relates to the Northridge earthquake.... the crowd has a nervous laugh at this point.

A small point of interest about earthquakes, at 1:56 AM there was a 4.6 earthquake in the Santa Barbara area, of which a portion of Lankford's Earthquake Weather takes place. So Lee, maybe there is some kind of deja vu occuring here.

At the signing last night was John Vogel who helped Lee Lankford photograph and co-produce the DVD Blue Neon Night which was available with The Narrow.

In the crowd was another outstanding thriller author, (Hurwitz on the left with Lee Lankford) Gregg Hurwitz. Gregg's new book, The Program, will be out in late summer and Gregg should be on tour in early September. Gregg reminded Kasey and I that we owe him a San Francisco Giants cap.


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